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carole_cc [userpic]

Brilliant Fics By Other Authors

May 10th, 2012 (03:13 pm)

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Brilliant Fics By Other Authors
As I read fics that take my breath away or have me reaching for a tissue,
or turning pea-green from creative envy, I'll post a link here.
Right now, I've got a backlog of favorites that I'm working on posting as I can,
so keep checking back!

Please note: Some of these links may take you away from LJ.

These will be marked with **.
Right-click the link and choose

"open in new tab" or "open in new window"

to keep this LJ page open.

Gen Glory

**Charade, by HermitKnut: The events of "Born Under A Bad Sign," through Sam's eyes.  Total spoilers for that episode, of course.  But if you've already seen it, this story provides a point-of-view that the screenwriters couldn't or wouldn't provide.  

Season to Taste, by ratherastory:  This is a beautifully crafted story, on so many levels.  A dash of hurt/comfort, a cupful of Castiel, and a spike of Domestic!Dean.  Fanfic doesn't get much more delicious than this.

**Veteran of the Psychic Wars, by saltedshotgun:  Dean's experiencing the fall-out from their life.  This is complete, but trust me, you'll be wanting more when you hit the end

Morning, on the Way to Somewhere, by Carol Davis:  A morning in the life of Sam and Dean, when nothing much happens but still somehow does.  A fic I saved to my hard-drive, just in case.  Not many get that right-click.  Y'know what?  You wouldn't regret simply settling in at Carol's site and reading your way through.  She's that good.  

**Natural Order, by JudyH: Dean's at ground-zero of a Winchester Disaster.  Death shows up.  That'll ruin your day.... Perfect characterization and nail-biting suspense.

Until Your Father Says You Are, by Carol Davis:  Dean considers his life at 36.  Incredibly poignant, and perfectly Dean.  Short, but still so deep it should be read more than once

Fear Death By Water, by St_salieri: This is a fic that will have you holding your breath with tension till the very end.  Dean encounters a killer who takes away something irreplaceable and leaves him with an unwelcome gift.  Written for a BigBang challenge, the trailer and artwork for this story are as riveting as the words.  One word of advice: Don't forget to blink!  

Hundred Word Heroes


The Hunter's Tale, by… Anonymous: (Yeah, anonymous, riiight):  This takes you to an age-restricted area of LJ, but the story contains no minor-inappropriate content, so view at your own discretion.  

**Sammy, The Smart Shopper, by fallenangel218:  I think we've all seen this in real life.  Heck, most of us have lived this in real life.  And it's a whole lot funnier when it happens to Sam and Dean than to you or me.

In Another Time, Another Place, Another Life
AUs  & Cross-overs

I Was an Ebony-Eyed, Genius, Robot-Minded Hunter, by Jennytork: Dean. Sam's computer. Two things that probably shouldn't be in the same room....

To Rest A While, by Jenntork: First thought: "The Brady Bunch?" Seriously, the BRADY BUNCH?!! No freakin' way!  Then, I read it, and y'know what? It's wonderful.  It makes sense with the SPN universe and it makes sense that both the guys would be more familiar than they'd care to admit, with this representation of "normal" suburban family life.   


Backseat Drivers, by Wantobeatree: A traffic jam.  Two bored little boys.  John, wondering what daughters would be like.  Absolutely hilarious and grubby and adorable as two young Winchesters can possibly be.  

**Four Things That Remind Me of Love, by Claire Beaubien.  The best teachers are those who learn from their students.

Mine, by Carol Davis: Now we know where it began….  

Vulnerable, by Jennytork: A hunt goes hilariously wrong when John Winchester forgets his allergy meds.  Sneezing is the least of anyone's concerns after that!  Teen!chesters. 

Wishbook, by Carol Davis:  Have a tissue handy before you read this.  You'll feel this one deep in the heart, especially if you're a mother.