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carole_cc [userpic]

Me and You and a Dog Named June

April 28th, 2012 (08:20 am)

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Crazy isn't contagious, but phobia is a contact poison.  Sam, Dean and June enter an asylum to battle a blood-thirsty monster spawned from purest innocence.
Threefold Cord AU.  Dean, Sam and June (OFC).  AU Season 5, no spoilers.  Rated T for Adult Concepts (Nothing explicit), language and general SPN violence. Word count: 16,573 Status: Complete


The growl was low and deep, almost too low to hear over the storm.

A low, harsh huffing.

Heavy, wet breathing, getting closer.

Something big.

It was toying with him.

Stalking him.

He couldn't run, couldn't move. His heart pounded in his ears as he rolled his eyes, but there was nothing to see.

But he could hear it. Claws clicked on the tile as the thing circled his bed, snarling. And he could smell it now, the oily odor of rank fur, the rancid stench of its breath as it brushed his face. A strangled whimper lodged in his throat as thick saliva dripped on his cheek. He tried to jerk his head away and then the thing was on him, crushing, slashing with teeth and claws he couldn't see.

He still couldn't move.

But he could scream.


Memphis, TN

"I'm borrred...."

Dean looked around to where June hung head down off the sofa seat, ankles hooked over the back.  Before he got his mouth open, though, Sam beat him to it.

"Never say that!" he told her, half-serious.  "It's a sure way to invite disaster.  And straighten up, that can't be good for your incisions."

"They're healed, Sam."  June somersaulted onto her feet and tossed her hair back off her face. "You know they are. I don't know why you keep babyin' me." She bounced like she was skipping rope.  "There, you didn't feel one thing rattlin' around loose inside, did ya, and you know it's been at least a week since I've coughed. "


She sank to her knees between Sam's legs, her hands on his thighs and her face turned up to his.  For the first time in a long time, she looked about sixteen again.   Funny how she could turn the whole jail-bait thing on and off like that.

"Come on, honey.  I know you're going stir-crazy, and I bet Dean is too.  I'm not asking to go slay a nest of vampires, Sam.  But can't we go out and just have a little fun tonight, like normal people do on a Saturday?"

"Hate to break it to you, Nose Marie," Dean quipped, "But normal people we ain't."

"Thus the like normal people. It's called simile.  Google it.  S-i-m-i-l-e. Please Sam? We haven't done anything just for fun in ages."

Sam looked at her, then over at Dean.

"Hey, don't look at me for arguments against goin' out and havin' fun."  Dean lifted spread hands. 

"Wanna come with?" Sam asked.

"If I drive," Dean grinned, pulling his keys out of his pocket to dangle from a finger.

"Yay!" June exulted, jumping up and tearing around the end of the couch.  "But hang on a minute, I need to change!"

"Change into what?" Dean called after her. "The shaggy dog act not workin' for you anymore?"

"You're slippin', sugar, if that's the best you can do."

Sam gathered up his keys, wallet and phone with an indulgent grin on his face.

Dean did the three pocket slap then shrugged on his jacket. "Hurry it up, Tinkerbell. That closet's not big enough to get lost in."

"Geez, get a grip, sugar! I'm out of practice putting clothes on fast, y'know!"

"That reminds me. I've been thinkin' about how you could pull your own weight around here," Dean called to her.

"Oh yeah?"

"Ever considered a career in the lucrative world of exotic dance?"

She snickered. "Actually, yes, but I'm too short and too freckled. And I never was able to think of a really good stripper name."

"Bebe LeStrange," Sam offered.

June laughed and came back out, doing a little two-step as she zipped up her boots mid-stride. "I kinda like that one."

Sam gave her a mock-critical look. "You sure those jeans are gonna maintain structural integrity?"

Dean's eyebrows rose as his head tilted. "Or is that body paint?"

"One way to find out, huh, big guy?" she teased back with a wanton wiggle, then grabbed Sam's hand and pulled.  "Come onnnn-- the night's wastin'!"

Sam stood and grabbed his jacket. Dean was halfway out the door. June wasn't the only one going stir-crazy from too many days cooped up in hospital and motel rooms.

******Click for Chapter 2.