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carole_cc [userpic]

Sam's Hacking Lessons Pay Off

April 22nd, 2012 (05:22 pm)
pissed off

current mood: (Sam's POd, not me!)
current song: God's Gonna Cut You Down-- Detroit Social Club


[Lupine the 3rd has posted an update.]
Never heard of this before, a meet-n-greet for us 'different souls'. Clever how you've got it set up to a .ru domain so the Feds can't see it... anyways! I'm a 26-year werewolf, chewed my way through a dozen leg bones like Blow Pops. Anyone else here in touch with their lunar selves?
[MeetInHeat9 likes this post.]
hell yes, 19 years here. wouldnt believe how many poor saps think they can get away with stuff in a darkened hotel room, lol.
[Ed Wood Jr. commented on 'Twilight Blows'.]
Dammit, I'm not sure if I should give this bitch an evisceration or a medal. I've had a billion teenage girls come around doing 'vampire hunting', so meals on wheels are nice, but damned if I'm going to let the image of vampires turn into pale-faced pansies that sparkle like they mainlined a craft store aisle. I say we get out there and spread some terror.
[This post has 393 likes.]
[Lupine the 3rd has posted an update.]
FYI, MeetInHeat9's a dude.
[Wolverine commented on this post.]
Excuse me, I need to go take a million showers and scrub my dick with sandpaper to scrape away all the bad memories.
[Marrowind commented on this post.]
save some hot water for me dude
[The administrator has posted new news. PLEASE READ.]
Guys, the authorities are getting suspicious. I'm gonna be switching to an underground server in Sweden. Update your bookmarks.
[VantYou posted a picture.]
Aftermath of our last party. That's me in the center.
[Anderson has commented on your post.]
BANG, duckface
[VantYou has replied.]
BANG, dickhead.
[Marrowind has posted an update.]
so anyone heear about lupine? he's been gone a while
[Wolverine commented on this post.]
Reports from the street say he got Winchestered. Glad I don't live in his neighborhood.
[Marrowind has replied.]
[Windigo has posted an update.]
found a Youtube video about us. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oHg5SJYRHA0
[BonesM.D. commented on this post.]
Truly the greatest monster of the 20th century. Also, your trolling buildup sucks.
[Windigo has replied.]
[Marrowind's status has updated: 10 minutes ago.]
some black impala cruising around, kinda weird
[VantYou has commented.]
Run. Smash the computer and get the hell out of there.
[Marrowind's status has updated: 4 minutes ago.]
pfh, i can deal with two jackass teenagers, going to lure them here.
[Ed Wood Jr. has commented.]
Natural selection in action. BRB, wiping drive.
[Marrowind's status has updated: 1 minute ago.]
[Marrowind's status has updated: now.]
This is Sam Winchester. Your online buddy's dead and we're coming for you all next, you freaks of nature.
[Error: domain does not exist.]